Jailbreak Tool GreenPois0n for iOS 4.1 to Drop Before iOS 4.2 Release !

Vincent has just tweeted that the SHAtter exploit based jailbreak for iOS 4.1 for iPhone 4 / iPod touch 4 and iPad will be released soon. Why would we do an entire post after a simple tweet? Well, that’s because good ol’ Vincent here is the administrator of The iPhone Wiki (an encyclopedia which collects, stores and provides info on iPhone hacks), so the source is authentic and extremely reliable.

Jailbreak for iOS 4.1

Vince tweeted:

They won’t wait for iOS 4.2 to release SHAtter. iOS 4.1 will be jailbroken soon.

This tweet was a prediction based on indications from @pod2g and others.

So there you go! Chronic Dev-Team hackers will not wait for iOS 4.2 to release GreenPois0n. So that’s further evidence that GreenPois0n is right around the corner. Be patient, folks! Stay away from fake tools and avoid asking devs for updates as you’ll only slow down their progress.

There is no exact Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) yet, but we will inform of the good news as soon as we have it.

UPDATE 1: To clear the confusion, GreenPois0n will jailbreak all devices on their respective new firmwares. This includes all iPhones, iPads and iPod touches.

UPDATE 2: Vincent was kind enough to let us know that he is NOT the Administrator of the iPhone Wiki. Geohot is the owner of the iPhone Wiki site.

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