iPod nano 7G Now Available For $149 for 16GB And $129 for 8GB – SHIPPING TODAY!

It’s Apple announcement day today, and we’ve been treated to a couple of new devices. One of those announcements that might not get that much attention is the new iPod nano 7th-generation, which builds on the already super awesome little iPod that we all know and love.

iPod nano

Available in a variety of colors, as always, and packed into a diminutive little shell, the iPod nano offers the best of both worlds – an iPod that holds enough music that you aren’t going to be running out any time soon, and a package that’s so unobtrusive that you’ll keep thinking you’ve lost it!

As if the nano wasn’t already possibly the best iPod on sale, Apple’s engineering wonder-kids have managed to make it even more desirable, with the addition fancy new watch faces, almost admitting that people are using Apple’s little iPod as a timepiece.

“There’s a really cool use people have created all their own — accessories like watch bands. We thought that was really fun, so with the updated nano we’ve added 16 new clock faces to make it fun for people who like to wear it as a watch. Why not, right?”

New watch faces include a rather fetching Mickey Mouse affair, as well as a more classical approach to displaying the time and date. There was no word about an Apple branded watch strap, but here’s hoping such a thing finds its way into an Apple Store near you!


Price-wise, the iPod nano is available in two capacities, with an 8GB unit costing just $129, and its 16GB setting potential owners back $149. Neither price can be a bad one to pay for a gorgeous wristwatch that also holds tons of music!

The new nano is available in 7 colors, and is shipping TODAY!

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