iOS 5 Beta 6 To Be Released On August 18th

Ever wished a file in iOS 5 could predict when the system’s next build is coming out? According to an amazing discovery from developers, there’s actually a file within iOS 5 beta that predicts the release of iOS 5 Beta 6 for August 18th, after being successful at predicting Beta 5, which was released this past Saturday.

iOS 5

It turns out that a specific file in iOS 5 displays, black on white, the date of the next update. Moreover, it even seems to update itself by contacting Apple’s servers without the user’s knowledge. As it sits currently, it points for an update as soon as one week from now, August 18th.

iOS 5 File

There are reasons to doubt this file’s accuracy, but the fact that it has managed to successfully predict releases before makes it seem way more credible than a “human source”. There is a chance however, that the final release date of iOS 5 might be pushed back for some reason, but if it does happen, then this file will simply be updated to reflect it.

Why would Apple not keep the release dates of future versions of its software a secret? Something which Apple has always kept a mystery until the very last minute, and its visible to pretty much anyone daring enough to dig deep into iOS 5 beta. No one has been able to answer that question, but it could be related to a prevention system to keep developers off old versions of iOS once they get surpassed, or perhaps the other way around: stop developers from installing unreleased versions of iOS? These are just guesses, therefore take them with a grain of salt, but I can’t think of any other reason why Apple would do such a thing unless it specifically has something to do with controlling access to its software.

If Apple keeps updating this file, could it perhaps predict the release of the final version of iOS 5? That would get this file just as much attention as the octopus did which predicted the World Cup results.

iOS 5 is the next major release of iOS, currently planned for this fall. Among many of the new features that are planned, all long sought-for by the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users alike, a few stand out; such as a revamped notification system and system-wide Twitter integration.

(source iCloudlil) (via 9to5Mac)

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