Intel Launches Sixth-Generation Skylake CPUs With Unlocked Cores For Gamers

It’s already been a big week for PC enthusiasts following the release of Windows 10, but Intel has jumped onto the bandwagon by releasing two new processors aimed squarely at the desktop gamers and power users amongst us. The two chips, the Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K, are the first of Intel’s sixth-generation Core processors which have been codenamed Skylake.

Apple’s iMac is rumored to be getting ready for a refresh, with new Intel chips set to beat at the heart of the new machines. Those chips are starting to arrive, with Intel now shipping its first Skylake CPUs.


Utilizing a new Z170 chipset and an equally new LGA1151 CPU socket, the new Skylake chips will require a whole new motherboard in order to function, but if you do splash the cash needed to get one of the new chips then you are unlikely to be disappointed by their performance – the i7 version clocks in at 4GHz with the i5 running at a generous 3.5GHz. Both chips run a quad-core setup, though the faster i7-6700K runs 8 threads in total compared to 4 on it’s i5 counterpart. At peak performance, both chips stand at a TDP of 91W, which at first instance may sound a bit on the higher side, but its not. Intel has designed these CPUs to fuel powerful gaming and even productivity rigs.


The new chips, set to cost $350 and $243 respectively, are said to be earmarked for a new Apple iMac release, and it is easy to see why when you take their performance into consideration. While the previous Broadwell release saw Intel aim for power reductions and improved heat management, the new Skylake offerings at the moment are more aimed at those who want as much power as possible for their CPUs, even going so far as to carry the ‘K’ designation, meaning they will be unlocked chips. That’s music to an overclocker’s ears, allowing even more power to be eeked out of the already powerful CPUs.

Intel Skylake

While the two chips are the first to hit the market, Intel will be adding extra Skylake K-class chips to its stable as time rolls on, and there is even said to be a version of the chip for notebooks in the works. For now however, Intel is reasserting its stamp on desktop performance with the release of these two CPUs.

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