How To Watch Netflix, YouTube Together With Online Friends In Real-Time

Sharing and watching Web based media in real-time with your connected friends over the Internet has just been made easier than ever before. Thanks to the update to an already-existing service, you and your friends can now watch your favorite Netflix movies or YouTube videos at the same time over Internet even when thousands of miles apart.

Rabbit is a chat service that has been around for some time and includes support for not just text chat, but voice and video as well, with support for up to a whopping 15 participants. The service has a feature called ‘Rabbitcast’ which allows users to stream movies and videos using a media panel (Launchpad) consisting of some of the most popular video and movie streaming services with group of 10 friends in real-time.


The big names include:

  • HBO GO
  • NBC
  • Crunchyroll
  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • YouTube

And that’s not all, Rabbit also features an all access address bar where you can enter the URL to any other video streaming website, for example, Dailymotion. It is worth mentioning that not only can the feature be used for streaming videos in real-time amongst friends, you can share and browse through pretty much any page listed on the Internet, even if you just want to read some news together.


The service offers a seamless experience of keeping your text, voice, or video chat intact while streaming videos or sharing webpages in the group. It is still in beta for now, but the performance is actually pretty snappy given the multitude of services being run. It is important to note that all webpages are being run in a virtualized Chrome environment on the servers, hence there is a slight lag with the mouse pointer and clicks, but movies and videos play just fine without any lag, albeit at a slightly lower quality, of course. Another surprising element is Rabbit’s ability to allow Hulu and Netflix signups in unsupported countries, which means you can use Rabbit for accessing blocked content as well.


If you want to give the service a shot, simply point your Web browser to the following URL: It’s definitely worth the try if you’re into sharing content with friends in real-time.

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