How To Turn Your Android Device’s Wi-Fi On / Off Based On Location Based Rules

At a time when many carriers offer very limited cellular data packages, Wi-Fi awareness is of much importance to smartphone and tablet users. Many of you will have fallen victim to roaming or download charges at one point or another, but if you stick to a Wi-Fi hotspot, browsing and other online activities suddenly get a great deal cheaper. Unfortunately, when you’re not in a Wi-Fi location and forget to turn it off, the strain – or rather, drain – on your battery can be significant. Thankfully for those on Android, a little app called Smart WiFi Toggler does exactly as its name implies, and only prompts your Wi-Fi connection into action when you are in the vicinity of a favored hotspot.

If you’re the kind of Droidster that constantly flits between Wi-Fi hotspots, Smart WiFi Toggler may just be your perfect partner. Free of charge over at the Play Store, it trains itself to automatically learn the locations of your preferred wireless networks. When you’re approaching one of those networks, it turns the Wi-Fi radio on, but when you leave that location, it will turn Wi-Fi off.


Not only does this novel little utility save you battery, but it saves you a little time / effort, while preventing your device from carrying out a series of useless, fruitless searches for Wi-Fi networks when you’re not looking to connect to them.

SmartWIFI 1

Like a lot of the great releases for Android, this one arrives at the Play Store via XDA-Developers, or specifically, member sebouh00. It’s worth noting, for those of you that may think using GPS location data is arguably as much of a drain, that Smart Wi-Fi Toggler utilizes your device’s network location, so won’t eke out significant amounts of your precious juice.

SmartWIFI 2

I always love to see an app that makes life easier, and Smart Wi-Fi Toggler is an archetypal example of how it’s done. All you really have to do is download, install, at let it work its magic. The app automatically trains itself to remember where your most commonly used networks are, so it’s not as though you even need to put in any effort there, either.

SmartWIFI 3

(Source: Smart WiFi Toggler for Android on Play Store)

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