How To Speed Test Your Local Wi-Fi Router Performance From A Phone

There are many ways to evaluate a Wi-Fi network. You can either go for the hands-on visual approach by looking at the Wi-Fi signal bars, or just run a regular speed test and see the general performance of a network. But a regular speed test doesn’t tell the complete story as it’s usually done on server side to check Internet speed, not local wireless network’s speed. This is where a handy app for iPhone and Android comes in.

The app we’re talking about here is called WiFi SweetSpots for iPhone and Android. It’s not an app like, which only shows how much download / upload speed you’re getting on the Internet, instead, WiFi SweetSpots shows the speed you’ll be getting on the local network. At this point you must be thinking: why would I want to know that?


To begin with: a congested or slow local wireless network will hinder tasks like creating wireless backups, streaming movies from a network drive to an iPad or a smartphone, copying files to and from other devices on the same network etc. With this handy app installed on your device, you’ll get a fair idea whether or not the wireless network is perfect for carrying out such tasks. We’ll go as far as saying that this is an ideal app for those who rely on their local wireless network a lot for heavy data transfers.


You can also make good use of this app to perfectly set your Wi-Fi router’s position at home, office or anywhere else, so you get proper signal strength within your desired network setup.

Wifi SweetSpots 1

Using the app is fairly simple; you just connect to the Wi-Fi network which you want to test, and hit the Start button on the app, and in a matter of seconds you’ll be presented with a real-time graph showing you the Wi-Fi network’s speed at your given position. Move around the place with your smartphone to see which spot gets you the highest speed.


The app is absolutely free for both iPhone and Android and can be downloaded from the links embedded below.

(Download: WiFi SweetSpots for iPhone / Android)

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