How To Modify An iPhone Headset To Make It Work On Android Devices [VIDEO]

When it comes down to choosing between an iOS-powered device or one that runs on top of the Android, the bottom line is that there isn’t a great deal of difference. It generally comes down to personal preference rather than any lack of functionality on one platform, and in some instances it may even come down to small little details like the amount of, or quality of accessories available for one platform that isn’t available on the other.

It may seem slightly far fetched to some people, but a lot of consumers actually opt for devices such as the iPhone due to simple things like the availability of earphones with the built-in remote which allows music to be played and paused, and also allows quickly changing the volume up and down through the inline button set included. Sure, the same kind of accessory is available for Android devices, but the bottom line is that the iOS accessory market in booming with the products generally being of a higher standard.


As is usually the case when it comes to things like this, all is not lost if you happen to be one of those people who prefer the build quality of Apple-tailored accessories. Even if you have moved across to using an Android device and have an old Apple remote lying around which you want to make use of, it is actually possible to apply a little DIY magic to get it up and running with your shiny Android handset.

The DIY magic required involves opening the remote compartment up and soldering in a few additional small resistors, so if you happen to be the clumsy type who breaks everything you touch then it may be a good idea to stay clear of this one. However, if you are the hands-on type who thrives on tinkering with things then all you need is an Apple remote and some relatively minor soldering skills to get the task complete.

The step-by-step guide comes from the guys over at Instructables, with the post containing all you need to know about the compatible devices and the equipment needed before you go pulling apart that remote. Check out the guide, but remember to take it easy as it is a delicate operation.

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