How To Jailbreak/Unlock Windows Phone The Easy Way Using WindowBreak Untethered Jailbreak Tool

Unlocking Windows-based smartphones has never been that much of a palava when compared to the increasingly limited methods available for those using Apple’s iPhone, for example.

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The Developer unlock is $99, and for most – aside from those with a keen interest in developing for Microsoft’s mobile operating system – it is just too expensive an option. Thus, many turn to the Chevron unlock option, which provides just as effective an unlock for fraction of the price – the team behind the favored alternative charge a mere $9 per device.

Despite Chevron doing a good job at a low rate, a free option would always be welcome. After all, nobody asked for their device to have its hands tied by the cellular handcuffs, now did they?

That’s where WindowsPhoneHacker comes in. The guy behind the WindowBreak Project requires no introduction, and has released a set of tools enabling Windows Phone users – specifically those using a Samsung device – to unlock their devices free of charge by taking advantage of vulnerability in the Zipview application.

It’s important to remember that, as the dev himself has put it, "this is not some magical jailbreak that’s been rumored" but more of a project, trial, and experiment he’s initiated after wanting to unlock his Samsung Focus without using the aforementioned paid methods.

The exploit does work for every device per se, but a certain amount of resistance prevents the unlock running seamlessly. Samsung devices can be easily tweaked from within the diagnostics app, but others aren’t so accommodating at the moment.

For this reason, the developer needs your help with the WindowBreak Project if you’re a Windows device user looking for an unlock or with a keen interest in hacking, and especially if you own a Nokia or HTC Windows-based device. For more information, head over to the XDA Developers thread here.

If you do indeed own a Samsung Windows Phone device, here’s a simple tutorial demonstrating how you can take advantage of the relatively quick unlock:


Step 1: On your device, open Internet Explorer and tap in as your URL.

Step 2: Select WindowBreak Me.

Step 3: Head over to the Dialer, and arouse the diagnostics menu by typing in ##634#.

Step 4: Open up the GPRS Manager by typing *#9908#.

Step 5: You will see that WindowBreak has been copied into that folder. Tap on it and Save.

Step 6: Your device has successfully been jailbroken and your device unlocked! Reboot, and you’ll be good to go!

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