How to install HTC Sense UI on HTC Dream (Android G1)

The forthcoming awesome HTC Sense UI from HTC Hero has been hacked to run on the older Android powered phones like HTC Dream (aka Android G1). The Italian Android HD Blog has got complete instructions on how to get Sense UI up and running on G1. The complete translated version of the instructions are as follows:


We recommend that you check the version of your Handheld. For now it is better that you make these changes only those with the Hardware PVT, who have the DVT version is better than, for now, does not know this ROM.Per its hardware put your handheld fastboot (camera + power).

0. If you have not already flashing on the handheld radio and SPL haykuro, find everything here.

1st Rom Download, rename Update.zipe insert it into the Micro-SD.

2nd Start the handheld-Recovery Mode (press the Home button + Power On)

3rd Click ALT + W to make the wipe (to reset the memory of the handheld)

4th Press ALT + S.

Now begins the process of installing the Rom, the wait is complete.

Highly recommended:

  • The Roma is very heavy occupies almost the entire internal memory, leaving about twenty megabytes free, then we suggest you make this change in order to install applications in microSD:
  1. With a suitable program in order (we have used G-Parted) create a partition in ext2 MicroSD 512Mb.
  2. Enter Micro-Sd handheld.
  3. Among the programs in the Rom you will find the application AppToSD run it and click on "Add Apps to SD."
  4. Here, in this way have recovered memory space on your handheld.

We have performed these steps and we have not had any problem, obviously we do not assume any liability for any damage or problems that may occur.

Here’s a video of HTC Sense UI running on the original Android powered Google G1 (HTC Dream).