How To Automatically Disable Android Passwords When Close To Recognized Bluetooth / Wi-Fi Devices

Smartphones are supposed to make our lives easier, and although, in some cases, the opposite is true, apps and ecosystems are progressively becoming more seamless and automated as time goes on. Whereas once upon a time, we’d have to turn our Wi-Fi off whenever we left the house, and remember to turn it back on when we arrived, things seem to take care of themselves. With that theme in mind, Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker seeks to make your Android-using experience just that little bit less taxing by automatically unlocking your device when connected to a recognized Bluetooth or Wi-Fi device.

Particularly useful if you’re one of those folks who like to stream content to external speakers, monitors and TVs, it will only bypass your device’s passcode if you connect to a device you’ve already linked up with in the past, most of which, one would assume, are located within your home somewhere. In fact, as soon as you move out of range of any known Bluetooth or Wi-Fi gadget, your password will automatically be restored, so while it may appear to compromise security, you must forgo a certain level in order to reap the benefit of uninterrupted shuffling / skipping / queuing.



If you’re uber-paranoid, and like to keep your password on at all times, then Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker is probably not for you. What with the issues Apple had in the last few months with regards to iPhone passcodes, it’s hard enough relying on a software-based locked door at the best of times, without this app seeming to leave it ajar for somebody to come through and snoop through your data.


The idea of this app is certainly not new – there have been several similar apps offering an automatic unlock when connecting up to a recognized device. But this, to our knowledge, is the first which supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and if you’re sick of repeatedly unlocking in these situations but not quite agitated enough to relax the automatic lock timeout, then grab Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker for free via the link below.


(Source: Bluetooth and Wifi Unlocker for Android on the Play Store)

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