Hide Files, Folders for Privacy with Private Area for iPhone and iPod touch

We all have different reasons for hiding something. When it comes to hiding digital secrets, we use software called “folder lockers” / “encryption software” which password-protect (+encrypt) the “secrets” so that you, and only you can access them after entering the password. A good example of such kind of software is “Folder Lock” (Windows) and for iOS: Private Area.

With Private Area for iOS devices, you can password-protect notes, photos, contacts and website links.


I often use such kind of software to hide questionable content I wouldn’t want my parents to see. What questionable content? That is, of course, for me to know and for you to find out (it isn’t pr0n, in case you’re wondering).

From the official app page:

Do you want to hide your confidential data, your photos, your contacts and websites?

Private area is the app that lets you categorize and protect all your data, divided by type, within a single database. Using a password, you can hide notes, photos, contacts and Web sites without using native applications on the phone.

The types of areas:
Notes, Photo, Contact, Web Sites.

The functionality of Private Area are:
– Create, edit and delete notes
– Import photos from camera film
– Taking pictures with the new camera
– Saving contacts with name, number and email
with possibility of sending SMS and Mail without
quitting application
– Saving and navigation of websites through the browser
integrated without compromising the history of Safari.
– Form to change your password.
Private Area is the area reserved for your, your small space where you can store everything.

The features which I, personally, like include the ability to make notes, send texts / mail and navigate to the private websites.. all without ever leaving the application.

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The full application costs 0.99$, but there is also a “lite” version available for testing. Check it out from the links embedded below.

Download Private Area [iTunes Link]
Download Private Area Lite [iTunes Link]

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