The Hidden iPhone Feature That You Likely Don’t Know About [VIDEO]

Like many, I have used iOS for a number of years, but every now and then, a YouTube clip or Reddit post from somebody out there with way too much time on their hands reveals a feature unbeknown to the vast majority of users. Seeing as Google offers a pretty functional calculator after a simple search for "calc," it stands to reason that the iOS Calculator app may not get as much use as it once did. But for those who still consult the largely unchanged app for simple sums and equations may be surprised to know that a little hidden feature allows you to quickly and effectively amend your mistakes.

If you’re writing text, one tap of the backspace button can remove an incorrectly placed character, but in the Calculator app, the whole process has to be restarted from scratch if a mistake is made; or so we thought. As shared by YouTuber 54696D, if you simply swipe left or right, your last-typed number is completely removed in a feature akin to an "undo" button. Check out the video at the end for further details.


This feature certainly isn’t going to change anybody’s life, of course, but I must admit that personally, I find these little insights pretty interesting — particularly when I have been using the OS for so long and never noticed it. Although the Google and OS X widgets usually have me covered if I cannot find my physical scientific calculator (yes, they still do exist), it’s good to know that if I call upon the iOS Calculator, I can afford to be a little careless with my typing.

Why not give it a try for yourself? Open the Calculator app, type something in, swipe away, and look on as the most recently entered numbers begin to disappear. Oh, and please make sure, when you actually next use the native app, that you don’t forget how to do it!

Did you already know about this feature, or are you, like me, feeling a little bit foolish for missing it for such a lengthy period of time? Do share your thoughts and comments via the usual mediums below!

(Thanks to Marco Keran for sending this in!)

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