Glass Will Work With Prescription Lenses, Confirms Google

In a year which will almost certainly see the introduction of two next-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, it’s hard to believe that both may well be outshone by a pair of spectacles. Google Glass is, as we know, a great deal more than just a pair of spectacles though, and having demonstrated on numerous occasions just how far the technology has come along in the past year, the Big G has also confirmed that, although not immediately, the wearable tech will eventually be compatible with traditional prescription lenses.

As per a post on the search giant’s very own Google+ page, it does look as though Google Glass will work with prescription contact lenses at some point in the future. Seeing as it will take a while to figure out how best to adapt the technology to those requiring visual aids, the initial launch will not offer such support, but the design is, at least, in the works.


Billions of folks worldwide need to wear glasses for day-to-day activities, and in order for Google Glass to fulfill its potential, it will need to be  made available to those not blessed with 20-20 vision. The Explorer Edition of Google Glass, which is the first version set to be available to the mass market later this year, does not play nicely with custom lenses, and although many will still want to grab a pair and be among the first to catch a glimpse of the future, it would be advisable for those individuals to wait around based on today’s news. 

Fancy that? A pair of glasses which don’t actually cater to those with bad eyesight. What it does suggest, is that those who do enjoy the first batch of Glass will be those not necessarily accustomed to wearing glasses, except perhaps in the summer.

Google has not set any ETAs regarding the adapted Glass models, but considering the company only has a vague idea pertaining to the release of the initial batch, it’s only natural that no promises are being made at this point.

We’ll keep you guys updated on any further revelations related to Google’s very exciting project, so stay tuned!

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