Get Ubuntu Phone OS Style App Launcher On Android With Glovebox

Glovebox, a new app courtesy of an XDA-Developers forum member, adds a sidebar to Android which allows users to quickly launch their favorite applications. More details right after the jump.

Google’s Android smartphone operating system is no stranger to all manner of tweaks. Part of the power of Android, the system allows users to change almost any aspect of the experience to suit their needs, even with the carriers and phone makers trying to inflict their own branded interfaces upon them. Lets face it, a little tinge of customization here and there really what makes a device feel unique to suit personal tastes.

When it comes to smartphones, one of the most basic things we do many, many times a day is to launch apps. If you have some apps you use a lot, then they may be kept in your Dock or, sometimes, they’ve given pride of place on a phone’s home screen. But what if you want to maintain a more minimalist look, without having hoards of icons dotted all over the place?

Glovebox splash

Glovebox is one way of keeping things clean and tidy whilst still having immediate access to all the apps that matter.

Once installed, Glovebox adds a sliding sidebar that plays host to all your most used apps, much like how we’ve seen on Ubuntu Phone OS, but bear in mind that the developer states that the idea is not based on that, we wonder why. The user can choose which apps appear in the Glovebox, so only the most deserving will be available with the flick of a finger.

Glovebox 1

The size of the icons can be altered, too, and when hovered over the app’s name will be displayed, which is perfect if you can never remember which icon belongs to which app.

Other options include the ability to change the size of the area in which a swipe will trigger Glovebox, as well as having the app disable itself when the phone is placed into landscape mode. There are some transition effects that can be enabled or disabled, too.

Glovebox 2

Glovebox is not the first app to offer such quick launching abilities, but it does catch the eye. Whether that’s down to the distinct Ubuntu-like feel or not, we’re not sure, but if you’re looking for something to fill a sidebar-shaped hole, then Glovebox is well worth considering. Especially when you remember that it’s free.

(Source: Glovebox for Android on Play Store)

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