Get Android Style Pattern Unlock Screen On Windows With Advanced Features

Data security is one of the key aspects of today’s computing systems, be it smartphones, tablets, laptops and netbooks, or even desktops. We use several kinds of software to prevent any external party from accessing our data, including anti-malware solutions like anti-viruses, anti-spyware, rootkit removal utilities, firewalls and whatnot. More security-conscious users would opt for solutions like a VPN for connecting to the internet, while still more advanced (and maybe paranoid) would go for something as sophisticated as TOR. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting sensitive information, or even your personal identification, for that matter.

The thing about this whole situation is, while we are usually careful about remote and automated attacks, we often overlook the compromise that we make with physical access to our machines. Consider this; you may be running a plethora of protection software on your PC, but imagine leaving your desk for five minutes at your workplace, only to return and find that your PC has been subject to unauthorized access. Even if it was a prank that someone played on you, the fact remains that your data was at potential risk of theft or manipulation. Windows offers a solution for that in the form of the ability to lock your PC, and with Windows 8, we have picture passwords too, but even though it’s safe for most of the cases, what if a keylogger has been hidden in your system? Something more sophisticated is perhaps what answers this question.

Eusing Maze Lock is an application for Windows that allows you to lock your PC using a pattern, much like Android’s pattern unlock, and brings a slew of other features to the table that might interest you.


The application’s primary function is to let a user quickly and easily lock a Windows-based PC whilst protecting it from keyloggers, and giving a stylish look to the whole security aspect. The software sports a grid of 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 to set your lock pattern, which you can draw using your mouse (or your finger, if you have a touch-input device). The app’s icon sits in the system tray and allows one-click locking of the PC. Beyond that, you can even choose to turn the monitor off automatically, disconnect the internet when locked, change the alert mode, lock the keyboard completely and more. The program’s own configuration is protected using the same pattern that you’d use to save your PC, so you’re covered there as well.



Eusing Maze Lock is a small and focused utility that delivers with a very specific objective in front. The application is free to download and use, although it does support donations and even asks for it. You can try it from

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