Flava For iPhone Lets You Capture And Store Your Life Memories All In A Beautiful And Slick User-Interface

Life is full precious memories, with moments like getting married, graduating from university, being named as captain of the soccer team or the birth of a first child, all play such a pivotally important role in defining who we are as people. The connections we make in our lives can also be hugely important, and although there are a number of apps for capturing this kind of thing, the newly updated Flava life-log app has to be one of the most beautiful to offer the service.

The app is essentially a piece of iOS-based software that allows users to capture and store valuable memories that have made an impact on their lives. The memories are captured, narrated and stored within the app and then synchronized with Flava’s servers in order to back the data up and offer a private space in the cloud for all of this information to be kept. The first thing I noticed about the Flava app is that it is just simply beautiful. The way it has been put together, the layout of the interface and gorgeous animations that are included with almost every interaction is confirmation that the developers have sweated the details and produced something special.


Flava almost acts like a social network in the sense that it allows information to be posted, logged and displayed on a timeline, think of it as Path without the need for connecting to others and sharing the experience. From the design of the user-interface it is immediately evident that the developers have borrowed some of their interface ideas from apps like Path, Facebook and Viddy with constantly moving image backgrounds, a sliding view controller mechanism and a vertical scrolling timeline.


As part of the memory and life-log creation features, users can opt to store pretty much anything in the app. This includes text-based content, photographs, videos, locations, voice recordings, music, full movies and web links. When creating these entries, Flava offers a decent set of image filters to apply to pictures, as well as being able to set details like the weather at the time of the memory and how the user was feeling along with the addition of tags to quickly filter logs.


The app truly is a stunning example of what can be achieved when design and function come together, and my only gripe is that it offers 200MB of cloud based storage with no immediate ability to get a pro account or upgrade that capacity. 200MB just doesn’t seem a lot when uploading high-definition video memories.

(Source: Flava for iPhone and iPod on App Store)

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