First Trailer Of Grand Theft Auto V Released [VIDEO]

The first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has just been released! The trailer hasn’t excited this writer since, perhaps, when the first trailer of Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots was released. Check out the details of the hotly anticipated title after the jump!


The game was formally announced on October 25th in the form of a tweet from Rockstar Games’ official Twitter account. That day, we only got to see the game’s official logo with “Trailer 11.02.11” written underneath it. In case you didn’t notice, today is November 2nd and the first trailer for Grand Theft V has gone live!

The trailer comes straight from the official website of Rockstar Games – the folks behind Grand Theft Auto V. It lasts for about ninety seconds, gives us a glimpse of the based-on-Los-Angeles city – named Los Puerta – while the main character tells us why he moved to said city. While I’m not a hardcore game analyst, I noticed two very important things: the game simply looks amazing in terms of graphics department and we just might be able to fly planes in the city (one of GTA IV’s missing features). The trailer has been embedded at the end for your viewing pleasure.

The GTA series originated in late 1997 with Grand Theft Auto for the PC. It wasn’t able to catch mainstream attention until the release of Grand Theft III in 2001 for the PlayStation 2. GTA III completely changed the way we looked at video games and has, in one way or the other, influenced just about every game that has been developed since. Its open-world, do-anything-you-want gameplay was unbelievably addictive and this, combined with its catchy music, interesting characters and a very much involving story, made for an outstanding game that delivered on all fronts.

The Grand Theft Auto series takes a huge leap forward with each numerically titled game. We saw a jump from 2D to 3D with GTA III, a huge leap forward in gameplay and presentation with GTA IV and, while it is hard to tell right now, perhaps we’ll see more of an evolution in gameplay and presentation this time instead of a huge leap with GTA V.

We have no word on the game’s release date or what platforms it will be available on, but a late 2012 or, even, early/late 2013 release date with availability on Xbox 360 and PS3 would be a safe bet.

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