Facebook Stories Portrays How People Use The Social Network In Extraordinary Ways

Social networking sites have become such an integral part of our every day lives that I actually struggle to clearly remember a time when they weren’t around. The need to be social has, and always will be, a part of our genetic make-up as human beings, but that has been accelerated to a whole new level thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter which allow us to easily connect and interact with people all over the globe. Facebook is by far the largest of the world’s online social portals, boasting over 900 million registered members, connecting people from all over the world together through common friends and interests.

Although the use of such services is extremely popular, the sites haven’t been without their fair share of negativity over the years. Aside from the fact that both Facebook and Twitter have both been accused of draining productivity and aren’t exactly a big hit in the workplace with both services having come under fire for privacy issues as well Twitter recently being involved in a media storm following the debate as to whether tweets posted on the site should fall under the category of free speech.

Facebook Stories

Putting the negativity aside, we should sometimes take a step back to realize that social media is going to become a more prominent part of our lives as we progress and advance. Personal communication is happening more and more through these services and businesses starting to realize the importance of having a strong social presence. The new Facebook Stories website, which is actually a continuation of a two year old Facebook app, is an attempt to showcase Facebook in a positive light by showcasing the use of the site for positive means.

The site itself is extremely similar to Twitter Stories and focuses on people who use Facebook in extraordinary ways. Individuals all over the world consistently manage to achieve amazing things and overcome unimaginable hurdles to realize their potential, with social media often managing to be at the forefront of those happenings. The Facebook Stories website is one central location where these people can share their stories and achievements with the world. The current site already features a number of inspirational stories from around the world, all of which are well worth checking out.

Facebook Stories 2

Speaking as a person who likes to surround himself with positivity and happy news, the Facebook Stories means a lot. There is no denying that it has strong selfish tinges of self-promotion deeply rooted within it, but it also serves as an inspirational boost to the rest of us, and a reminder that great things can happen to good people.

Simply visit http://www.facebookstories.com/ from your browser and get started.

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