Facebook In Talks With Apple And Microsoft To Bring Facebook Home On iPhone And Windows Phone [VIDEO]

Facebook only announced Facebook Home APK for Android recently, and the reviews are beginning to roll in alongside the first handset to fully support it our of the box, the HTC First, but the social network is not resting on its laurels. Instead, according to the company, it is currently working with two of the market’s biggest players about bringing Facebook Home to their platforms.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Facebook Home’s Adam Mosseri let the cat out of the bag, suggesting that both Apple and Microsoft have been shown what Facebook Home can do, with the pair still in talks with Facebook about where to go from here.


“We’ve been speaking to them, both Microsoft and Apple, we’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just having ongoing conversations about how we can also invest in those platforms more deeply”

Facebook Home, in its current guise outside of the HTC Fist, is a glorified third-party home launcher that takes users’ timeline and turns it into an arguably beautiful home screen experience. Quite how that would meld with what both Google and Apple already offer, we’re not really sure, but the fact that dialogue has been opened is encouraging. Unfortunately, we’re not going to hold our breath, especially on the iOS front.

FB Home

Also of interest during the interview is the revelation that Facebook is actively campaigning to have its staff use Android devices, rather than iOS. Mosseri says that iPhones currently make up the majority of smartphones used inside Facebook, and that the firm would rather Android be the OS of choice for its staff. We’re sure the folks in Cupertino and Redmond will be thrilled to hear that news!

Facebook Home is sure to be popular amongst users of the social network, especially those looking to pick up relatively cheap Android phones. Home will replace the stock launcher at worst, and if the manufacturer works with Facebook from the start, it will do even more than that. A home screen filled with all your loved ones and their photos will be a compelling offering for those less techy than those reading this, and that’s a huge market to tap.

If there’s one thing Facebook knows how to do, is how to build a user base.

(via: Bloomberg)

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