Facebook Finally Adds ‘Dislike’ Button, But There’s A Catch

We’ve been hearing a lot of news recently that Facebook might just introduce a ‘dislike’ button, or a ‘sympathize’ button as some are calling it, so that users have a medium of conveying their negative feelings for a post.

While we’re certain that a full blown ‘dislike’ button might not make its cut to the social network’s website, but Facebook has made a move which is bound to cool off a lot of users in one go, by introducing a sticker pack for their freshly released, and completely redesigned Messenger app for iPhone and Android, that includes a ‘dislike’ sticker.

Facebook like

If you’ve ever taken the time to trawl through your own Facebook News Feed then it becomes immediately apparent that the service is in definite need of a ‘dislike’ option. It’s great to be positive and to show appreciation to connections by liking their status updates, photos and location check-ins, but we can’t all like everything all of the time.

For the sake of fairness and equality it would make perfect sense for Facebook to add a full blown dislike option into the network, as we mentioned before. They haven’t quite gone down that route just yet but this latest Messenger sticker pack at least introduces a dislike sticker that can be added to outgoing messages from within the app, and it serves the purpose rather well.

iOS Screenshot 20131217-175959 02

The newly added sticker pack is available as a free-of-charge download from the Messenger Sticker Store and offers a variety of new positions for the iconic Like hand icon. The Messenger app has been serving users’ sticker based needs for the last eight months, but it’s highly likely that this shiny new pack will prove to be amongst the most popular offerings. After introducing the Like sticker back in June of this year, Facebook has informed the icon loving user-base that this new pack was created during a company hackathon early in the year and is now being offered as a downloadable option through Messenger.

iOS Screenshot 20131217-175953 01

If stickers are your thing then the pack is definitely worth checking out. A variety of thoughts and feelings can now be expressed in messages through a hand holding a bunch of flowers, a dislike icon, a peace sign being thrown up in the air or even the famous Like hand with a bandaged thumb.

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