Download Windows Home Server Power Pack 3

Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (PP3) Beta was announced today on the official WHS Team Blog and is now available for download from Microsoft Connect.

For those of you who don’t know, Windows Home Server is a server operating system from Microsoft specifically designed for home use. It was intended to help families with multiple connected PCs by providing: file sharing, maintaining automated backups (photos, videos, music, documents) plus remote access.

In Power Pack 3 (PP3), the following new features has been added in Windows Home Server:

  • Backup and recovery of Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Libraries
  • Windows Search 4
  • Better support for netbook computers
  • Enhancements for Windows Media Center – Console Quick View and TV archiving

To beta test PP3, you will need to  sign up for the Windows Home Server program on Microsoft Connect after which you’ll be able to download PP3. You can also submit bug reports (complains, problems etc) and give novel ideas to make the product better.

The final release date for PP3 has not been finalized although they are trying to release it before the General Availability of Windows 7 (October 22). Power Pack 3 will be a free update to existing Windows Home Server users through Windows Update.

Download Windows Home Server Power Pack 3 (PP3) from Microsoft Connect