Digg Introduces Facebook Like “On Site Notifications”

Since the launch of Digg v4 earlier in August, the staff at Digg has been continuously rolling out new features to grab their lost user-base back. This has definitely given me a better user experience (in terms of features) but the social news site hasn’t been able to put together the scattered community.

One reason why Kevin Rose, the founder of the company, wanted to evolve the site with the new Digg was "Twitter" insisted Daniel in a write-up at NewsWeek. Williams, the present CEO, however insisted "Twitter and Digg perform completely different tasks". Of course they do, but the redesign of the website was clearly influenced by twitter with "My News" being the primary source to Digg new stories, just like twitter’s timeline.

Moments ago, Digg has launched another interesting feature, which in my opinion is largely inspired by Facebook’s on-site notifications. With the introduction of on-site notifications, Digg provides it’s users a way to keep-up with community’s reaction on the stories submitted/dugg/commented on by the user.


Following are the new notifications rolled out today. Digg notifies the user when someone

  • Diggs a story user submitted
  • Diggs a story user dugg
  • Diggs a story user commented on
  • Comments on a story user submitted
  • Comments on a story user dugg

With Digg experience becoming more and more interesting everyday with such features, I really hope Williams may just put up the community together again.

Hamad is a pro-digg user. He writes full-time at SmashingLists.

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