Cover Flow in Windows Media Center

If you think that only iTunes can provide you with three-dimensional interface to visually browse through your digital movies library then you are wrong. Comes in Movie Browser that does a Cover Flow right into your Windows Media Center environment. Its an open source project and is still in its infancy stage but provides by far the most visually stunning interface for any app in Windows Media Center. Based on MCML and Adobe Flash, Movie Browser is an application to manage your movies library in Windows Media Center, topped with Cover Flow kind of an interface. Yes I know My Movies has been around for a while and is currently the most complete application for movies management in Media Center environment but the problem with My Movies is that its movie browsing experience is no where near to what Movie Browser provides.

Check out Movie Browser in action in the video (Requires Microsoft Silverlight) below:

Don’t get fooled by the lag in the video which is due to the screen recording software. It runs smoothly in Windows Media Center.

As they say that looks can be deceiving.. unfortunately that’s the case with Movie Browser too. The biggest problem is that in its current beta state, one has to enter all the movies data manually by editing the XML file. Yes its tedious and there is no way to automate the process, let alone getting data from an online provider like imdb or Amazon. Wouldn’t it be great if the developer of My Movies integrates Movie Browser in My Movies as its front-end interface in Media Center? I hope he considers it especially because Movie Browser is an open source project and the source code is available publicly for everyone.

Movie Browser 0.1 beta can be downloaded here and is compatible with both Windows Vista (Home Premium & Ultimate) and Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.