Cosmos For Android Is A Must-Have App To Optimize Your Device For Optimal Performance

In the Google Play store, there are numerous utilities/apps that you can download to help optimize and improve your experience when using an Android phone. But there’s one tool in particular that combined the functionality that’s usually spread across multiple of these utilities into one. It’s called Cosmos, and it offers the ability to monitor the sneaky privacy settings of the apps you have installed, moderate your battery usage, and delete useless junk files off of your device. It also features a pretty straightforward and easy to use – but not as easy on the eyes, unfortunately – user interface.

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So, let me elaborate on the features of the app, starting with the Privacy Scanner. As I have personally witnessed, average users are inherently afraid of technology; they don’t want data ending up in the wrong hands, nor do they want to inadvertently publish content onto social networks. This app could help consumers feel safer about what apps are doing with their data, as it loops through all of the installed apps on the device and details the permissions that the app utilizes, while also informing users of any out of the ordinary behavior.


The Junk Cleaner of the app works largely as one could expect; it deletes the stereotypical junk off of your device, such as files left over from app uninstalls, your bowser’s history, caches, call logs, etc. Basically, anything that’s useless in order to free up space. And finally, the Battery Saver monitors battery consumption as you use your device, and automatically adjusts system settings. It offers three profiles – Balanced, Power Saver, and Extreme – depending on how much battery life is available on your device at the given moment.

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So, there you have it. Now, while this does seem like a useful utility for some – and bear in mind, I don’t use Android regularly – I cannot possibly imagine why such an app is needed on a mobile device. Is it possible for the OS to be that bogged down? Now, that being said, I do like the ability to regulate battery usage through profiles. It would be awesome if you could simply tap the battery icon and cycle through profiles. The privacy monitor tool seems to be pretty useful as well, as apps can at times be vague or devious about privacy matters.

So. If you like this app, go ahead and download it from the Google Play marketplace.

Download Cosmos PrivacyScan+JunkCleaner for Android [Google Play link]

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