Check Out This Huge Collection Of Every Apple TV Ad Ever Made And Aired [VIDEO]

There have been plenty of companies in existence over the years that have managed to invent and produce extremely powerful and useful products which have now fallen wayside and into obscurity. It doesn’t just happen in the technology industry, and it goes to prove that having a good idea or the knowledge to invent a product doesn’t always guarantee commercial success out in the real world, which is one of the reasons why marketing and advertising is so vitally important to companies. Apple has consistently managed to get this aspect of their business right in recent years, and now, it’s possible to view every one of their television adverts in a purposely created YouTube playlist.

As a company, Apple has a history of producing extremely simple but powerful commercials that not only do a fantastic job of promoting their products in their own unique and simplistic way, but also success in making an emotional connection with viewers and triggering that all-important emotive reaction. We don’t need iPhones, iPads or Macs in our lives, but Apple does make us want them and that is largely down to the longevity of the relationships that they have had with the likes of Chiat Day and the TBWA network.

Like most companies, Apple has had their fair share of advertisement dramas and do occasionally produce the odd commercial that is way off the mark, but more often than not, they manage to follow their own blueprints to publish a product advertisement that captures the beauty of the device while also managing to explain complicated or technical features with extreme simplicity. Who can forget the fantastic Think Different campaign that still gets quoted to this day, or the original iPhone ad that aired during The Oscars back in 2007?

AppleProducts 2011

The playlist contains over one hundred videos, with the creator claiming that it contains every single Apple TV advertisement ever released. Whether or not that is entirely accurate is up for debate, but what isn’t worth debating is that the playlist contains some absolute gems that a lot of us will have long forgotten about. If you are an Apple fan who has been persuaded to buy their products by a commercial in the past, or just someone who wants to see what successful advertising looks like, then it is definitely worth putting aside a portion of your day to watch the videos before they disappear.

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