CameraAce For Android Is An Award-Winning App With Filters, Multiple Frames And A Variety Of Presets

Yes, the Google Play Store – like most other mobile app marketplaces – is packed full of camera apps. Yes, there are a lot of very powerful and functional camera apps available, some of which are fantastic and some of which are just hastily thrown together Instagram rip-offs, but CameraAce for Android could potentially be the little camera gem that has slipped through your photography arsenal.

Select the Photography category on the Play Store, iOS App Store or even the Windows Phone Store and you will be greeted with a 1,001 apps that all look and feel the same. Blindly snap an image, apply a filter over the top that ultimately amounts to nothing more than a different color being overlaid and then save it to the device. If you’re lucky then the developer will have afforded you the luxury of sharing your lackluster creation to Twitter, Facebook or even Instagram. CameraAce is different. Not only is it an actual award-winning piece of kit, but it exists to try and change the way Android users think about photography on their mobile devices.

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One of the best features of this particular camera creation is the ability to pre-organize photographs before they have actually been taken. Users can either choose from an existing theme within the app or opt to create their own which allows a specific filter to automatically be applied as well as a frame, background music and a save location on the device. This kind of power and organizational structure would be perfect for keen mobile photographers who want to segregate photographs of cityscapes or life portraits. The app also includes four camera widgets that allows a pre-set theme to be launched.


Considering CameraAce was granted the "Korea Mobile App Award" you must be thinking there’s a little more about it other than themes, and you’d be right. Enhanced photo filters, effects and editors are all built-in along with three different HDR effects that can all be applied to captured images. The app is also built with the Samsung S Pen in mind to allow users to scribble and doodle over their captured images. Slideshow mode, pan and zoom effects and integrated background music make photographs feel alive within the app.


It’s free, it’s award winning and it’s available to download now on the Play Store.

(Source: CameraAce – Photo Collections for Android on the Play Store)

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