Apple’s Online Store Search Returns “iPad mini” Name, Or Maybe Not

It isn’t long now until the official Apple media event that we hope will eventually introduce us the new miniature iPad that we have been hearing so much about in recent months. It’s extremely likely that the event this coming Wednesday will bring us more than just one product but so much attention and speculation has been lavished on the new iPad that it will be a relief to have some official information regarding it. With the announcement only days away, it seems like the Apple online store is already gearing up for customer searches by returning suggested "iPad mini" and "mini iPad" search strings.

The lack of any kind of official announcement about the existence of this product means that we need to turn to our more resourceful nature and it looks like Apple have either already made allowances in their online stores, or someone who manages the product database is having a laugh at our expense. In normal circumstances this wouldn’t really have any relevance, but suggested search results on Apple’s site have been known to give an insight into the existence of products and their naming structures in the past.

From a little bit of investigation it would seem that online Apple stores in different territories are returning different suggestion results. The United States store suggests product names of "iPad air", "iPad nano" and "iPad little" as well as the "iPad mini" offering. However, the United Kingdom and German stores don’t seem to be as jovial and eager to play the game as it only returns the "iPad mini" suggestion. Further testing of specific European stores such as don’t have any recommended search strings out of the ordinary.



It would seem that rather than stumbling onto an early leak in the company’s product database as to the possible official name of the new iPad, it is just either an internal system issue or Apple engineers are just playing with us. Either way, it has certainly raised our excitement levels for the upcoming event. We already know that we are dealing with a 7.85-inch mid-range tablet that will compete with the likes of the Nexus 7, but will also benefit from native apps designed specifically for its screen size rather than up-scaled iPhone apps. We now just need to know the intricate details.

(source: iMore)

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