Apple Working On Two iPhone 5 Models According To Apple Source

While we’ve had rumors on top of rumors surrounding the iPhone 5, but ever since the iPad 2 announcement, many of them have been contradictory. Will the next iPhone be a complete redesign of the handset or are we in for a more iterative approach, similar to that of the iPhone 3G/3GS release? What if we’re in for a surprise and both are true?

The iPhoneDownloadBlog claims this could actually be the case, and they have their very own source to back them up.

Reportedly an employee at an Apple parts supplier, the source says Apple is ordering two sets of parts – one cutting edge, one more conservative. Based on the assumption that Apple wouldn’t be mixing the two, the source believes this is proof Apple is looking to bring two versions of the iPhone 5 to market with one being a ‘pro’ version and the other a ‘normal’ one.

We obviously don’t know anything about this source, but the iPhoneDownloadBlog seem convinced of his legitimacy and while we have no reason to not believe them, we’re not entirely convinced the information is 100% accurate. It’s even possible the story of two sets of parts being ordered is true, but perhaps the lower-end parts for for a new iPod touch?

Without having access to the source ourselves it’s hard to really form too much of an opinion, but the idea of a higher spec’ed ‘pro’ version sounds good to us – we like higher specifications and bigger numbers are always a good thing, right!?

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