Apple Will Start Selling SIM-Free iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus Tomorrow In The U.S.

Starting January 6th Apple will begin selling unlocked, unsubsidized iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus smartphones via both its online and retail stores, bringing the country in-line with many international markets.

While it is true that many unsubsidized iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus devices bought in the U.S. have actually been sold unlocked, Apple has never marketed either model as such. With that in mind it should perhaps come as no surprise to learn that the pricing for the new, branded as unlocked handsets will be exactly the same as the current unsubsidized models – that means that the iPhone 6 will set punters back $649, $749 or $849 with the iPhone 6 Plus will demand a price of $749, $849 or $949 depending on the capacity chosen. As you might expect, 16GB, 64GB and 128GB flavors of both new iPhones are available.

iPhone 6 main

As with any other unlocked smartphone, Apple’s two latest iPhones will ship with no contract and no SIM card included in the box, with customers instead free to tie themselves to whichever carrier they choose. This method of buying smartphones may require a much larger initial outlay when compared to traditional two-year plan pricing, but the total outlay after that two-year contract has come to an end is often cheaper by going the unlocked route. You just need to have a few hundred dollars extra in your back pocket on day one.

It goes without saying, but a friendly reminder nonetheless – make sure you have a nano-SIM before you buy your new iPhone. Older, larger SIMs will not fit and nobody wants an iPhone that they can’t use because their particular brand of cardboard and metal is too large.

We’ll never really understand why it takes Apple so long to ship, or at least advertise unlocked handsets in the United States. In the UK for example, unlocked iPhones are available on launch day.


The best reason to go for an unlocked iPhone over those tied with a contract is that it grants you complete freedom and you are absolutely free to use any carrier of your choice, may it be a local pay as you go one.

You can pick up your unlocked iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus directly from an Apple retail store or the company’s own website starting tomorrow.

Get your cash ready if you’ve been waiting for this day to come!

(Source: 9to5Mac)

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