Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction Hits 97%, Higher Than Both Original iPhone And iPad

The Apple Watch may be Apple’s “most personal product yet”. It may be the first new product type that the Cupertino company has launched for a number of years. It may also be company’s first new category product post-Steve Jobs. It may even only be the beginning of the road map as it sits with its first-generation release status. However, it seems that while all of those things are indeed true, it’s also true that the precise timepiece is performing extremely well when it comes to customer satisfaction, according to recent surveys.

There’s no denying that the Apple Watch currently is, and is going to continue to be, an extremely polarizing product in the consumer technology world. Smartwatches on the whole are a polarizing product that will always continue to split public opinion. Some believe they are the future of small screen electronics and yield amazing power and productivity benefits. Some on the other hand believe they are just to “fiddly” and really don’t have a valid purpose other than as an expensive “gimmick”. Still, it seems that while opinion will always be split, a whopping 66%, or two third, of people surveyed said that they were “very satisfied / delighted” with the Apple Watch.

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Very satisfied would be satisfying enough for Apple when it comes to a version one launch, but delighted? Well, that can only be an extreme positive for the Cupertino company and it’s various Apple Watch teams and departments. In fact, such is the satisfaction levels of the Apple Watch in its current form that they actually eclipse those of other extremely popular Apple products when they were first launched, namely the iPhone and iPad which sat at 92% in 2007 and 91% in 2010 respectively. Wristly Research puts the Apple Watch customer satisfaction rating as being in the ninety-seventh percentile.

What’s actually very interesting from this report is that 53% of those surveyed fell into the category of being “Non Tech Users”, or individuals who didn’t work specifically within job roles or communities that involved products such as the Apple Watch. The survey groups these individuals together as “everyday users”. App builders accounted for 9% of the results, with technology insiders and media workers or investors falling behind with 9% and 4% of the vote. As polarizing a product as the Apple Watch undoubtedly is, it looks like it has a great future ahead of it if these satisfaction levels continue to hold.

Apple watch satisfaction

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(source: Wristly, TechPinions)

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