Apple Rejects ‘Samsung Pay Mini’ App For iOS App Store

Regardless of individual opinion on the firm grip that Apple holds over the iOS App Store, we can safely assume that it isn’t going to go away, or indeed loosen, any time soon.

The Cupertino-based company likes to cling to the belief that it’s preserving quality of apps by putting each submitted piece of software through an approval process with the sole hope of offering and maintaining a certain level of user-experience. In the case of ‘Samsung Pay Mini’, the iOS app which looked to bring Samsung’s mobile payment platform to iOS, Apple clearly doesn’t see a fit for its users, and as such has rejected its approval for the App Store for undisclosed reasons.

Samsung Pay

For the uninitiated, Samsung Pay Mini is a very simple mobile payment service utilizing Samsung Pay that the South Korean company is going to unveil to an excited crowd during next year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2017) in the first week of January.

Like Apple Pay and Android Pay, it seems that Samsung Pay Mini would basically allow customers to transact for goods and services on a contactless basis by having payment methods registered against the app. It looks as though Samsung had hopes of expanding this payment service to devices other than its own, but the hope of having access on Apple devices has all but been killed off by Apple’s decision to reject the app submission.

Samsung has confirmed Apple’s rejection of the app submission, and has also decided that it won’t actually appeal the decision, as is the right of the developer who submits the app to Apple’s approval system. Of course, it’s relatively easy for Samsung to offer the Samsung Pay or Pay Mini experience to owners of its own hardware, such as the Galaxy range of devices, but does require approval from the likes of Apple if it wants to provide the app as a download on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad owners.


Apple may have decided against letting Samsung Pay Mini onto the App Store, but that certainly won’t dampen Samsung’s spirits when it comes to pushing its own payment platform. Reports suggest the company has finalized testing of Samsung Pay Mini with a number of South Korean credit card issuers, meaning that during CES 2017 we should get a fantastic working example of what it’s capable of.

(Source: ETNews [Google Translate])

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