Apple Planning Hybrid E-Ink/Video Display for Next iPhone?

Just yesterday, through a patent, we found about Apple’s secondary display that may be introduced in their upcoming iOS devices. Well, there’s a new patent out already which highlights some of the details of the primary display of next-gen iPhone. The new improved display will be hybrid of e-ink and standard LCD.

Some of you may be wondering why e-ink since that’s an older technology? That’s because e-ink displays provide better readability even in the sunlight. It is used in some of the older eReaders like Kindle. It is also said that the e-ink displays are less fatiguing on the eyes for longer reading sessions. The new smart display will figure out which display to offer to the user based on the content that is being displayed. In fact, it is smarter than that since it can divide the screen in quadrants and use different display technologies on each of them.

It is obvious that Apple’s focus for the next-gen iOS devices is on the display technology. First we heard of the 4" display that will be stretched till the edges, then it was the secondary display and now the improved hybrid primary display.

(via MacRumors)

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