Apple MacBook Touch: Is it coming?

"Every once in a while a new revolutionary product comes along that changes everything" – Steve Jobs, MacWorldExpo 2007

These are the famous words of Steve Jobs which he said at MacWorldExpo 2007 and you cant deny that Apple at least on two occasions in past 10 years have done justice to this statement. First with iPods in 2001 and then with iPhone in 2007. So does this mean that they are also going to revolutionize our mobile computing with MacBook Touch?

MacBook Touch: Concept Video

Today in the world of PCs we already have touch-capable notebooks in the form of Tablet Computers but they have a couple of big problems:

  1. They aren’t multi touch and that they still have a keyboard.
  2. They are very expensive.

With Windows 7, we are going to see support for multi-touch natively in any Windows for the first time. Microsoft already demonstrated this at this years D6 conference where a demo was shown in which the next Windows showed off its multi touch capabilities. This means that notebook manufactures like HP, Dell and the likes will have their slick devices coming up when Windows 7 is available which will supports multi touch. But I see a problem for Microsoft & their hardware partners like HP and Dell because since Windows 7 wont be available until at least the end of 2009 or 2010, this might give Apple a chance to penetrate & capture notebook(touch) market!

If the rumors are to be believed, we might see a multi touch capable full version of OS X packed in a iPhone(y) like shiny sexy metal case in the start of 2009. Its widely believed by Apple fan sites that at MacWorldExpo 2009 a device by the name of MacBook Touch will debut and would steel the thunder of Windows 7 and its multi touch capabilities.

MacBook Touch
Image Courtesy: Allen’s Digital Photography Blog


Windows 7: D6 Multi Touch demo

Microsoft has been the victim in the past of where they demoed or showed off a feature first only to see it first fully implemented by one of their competitor: and there are many examples of this which can be listed here. A recent example of which is Live Mesh was was faster implemented in a full product by Apple in the form of MobileMe.
So what do you guys think? Is MacBook Touch coming in 2009? If yes then isn’t it going to create a problem for Windows 7 image? because people will rant again thinking that Microsoft copied Apple which isn’t quite the case here.
Well whatever you say, but the next round of OS battle is going to be decided on who does the ‘touch’ stuff better than the other.
Exciting times ahead, Lets wait and see who comes out on top!