Al-Qaeda’s Mobile OS Of Choice Is Android, Not iOS

Sometimes we just start writing something and then have to stop to make sure we’re not going completely crazy. This story is one such effort, and we’re sure you’ll understand why when you read the next sentence: Al-Qaeda prefers Android over Apple’s iOS as its mobile operating system of choice.

You see what we mean, right?

But alas, we must inform you that this isn’t some sort of elaborate joke or part of some sort of fanboy bashing but rather a real thing. Coming from nowhere, a report from intelligence outfit Recorded Future has claimed that Al-Qaeda’s people prefer to use Android phones than their Apple-made counterparts, and it’s not because they don’t happen to have a credit card registered with iTunes.

According to the report, various organizations have begun to up their game in the aftermath of the Snowden NSA files and as a result, new encryption is being used. Android’s side-loading of applications makes it perfect for such things, while Apple’s reliance on the walled garden the App Store creates is somewhat stifling to those who just don’t want their conversations, emails or text messages to be picked up on by what we would call the good guys!

If we’re honest, instead of trying to put the Recorded Future’s report into words here we’re going to suggest you head right on over and have a read of it yourselves. We never thought that the encryption used by Al-Qaeda would be so interesting, but it turns out we were wrong. The report says that the low cost of some Android phones also makes them an attractive proposition for those looking for burner phones. After all, if you’re going to deploy smartphones on a large scale, you might as well start cheap, and we’re certain that’s exactly what has happened here.

While it’s true that Android seems to be the favorite of those who are up to no good, we’re not sure anyone can hold that against Google or its partners, even if they are the most rabid of fanboys.

(Source: RecordedFuture)

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