WPF-based YouTube client for Windows

Well folks, here it is! A WPF-based mini YouTube client app for Windows which brings video content from YouTube data servers right to your desktop. You mustSprink be wondering what could be the best use of this little app when you can actually browse to the YouTube site itself and search/play the content right from your browser? Well consider a scenario where you are working on a PowerPoint or a Word document and you want to catch up on the highlights of the last night football match which you missed or just want to watch some random video while you are working on a document. Sprink fits-in these little scenarios extremely well because it enables you to run YouTube videos outside your browser.

This preview release is just a small fraction of what is going to come in the next couple of months.


SprinkMain Window

Video Playing ModeVideo Playing Mode


List View List View 


Oh, and did I tell you that it does 3D View (A la CoverFlow) too?

3D View3D View

Make sure you have all the required software’s installed in order to run Sprink:

Features due in for next release:

  • Integration with Windows 7 taskbar
  • Ability to mark videos as favorite right from the client.
  • Support for other video service providers like MSN Video, Vimeo etc.

This is just a preview version. There is a lot more to come in the next couple of months. Please provide me with your valuable feedback and bug reports in order to improve the product.

Application: Sprink
Version: 0.677 (April 2009 Preview)

The YouTube logo used is a registered trademark of Google Inc.