Your New iPhone 5 May Scratch. Or It May Not. [VIDEOS]

It appears to be something of a trend these days, but the release of Apple’s new iPhone 5 has done nothing but lead every two-bit tech fan with a video recorder to take to YouTube in an attempt to prove, or disprove, that the thing can be scratched. And by scratched, we mean pretty much obliterated.

A cursory search of YouTube for "iPhone 5 scratch test" will open up a treasure trove of awe inspiring and dread creating videos. Some, amazingly dragging the deed out for almost ten minutes, show what happens to the admittedly gorgeous iPhone 5 when it is tested by a variety of implements. The results vary, but it’s never really good.

We’ve told you already of one Overclockers UK forum-goer who claimed to have taken to an iPhone 5 with its SIM ejection tool. Subsequent photos showed a badly scratched rear plate, and the internet began with the iPhone hate once more. It’s like a baby ‘antennagate’ out there!

These videos show much the same. Oddly – and we’re sure you’ll imagine our surprise here – taking a huge bunch of keys to the back of an iPhone will scratch it. Who knew? The same happens with a knife big enough to end wars. Crazy!

photo (2)

So, dear readers, we’ve come to the conclusion that scratching your shiny new toy is bad, mmmkay? But wait, is there some common sense to be found?

Well, some videos show that the rear panel actually cleans up surprisingly well when rubbed, which is nice. You mileage may vary here, obviously, but then if you’re keeping your phone in the same pocket as your keys, then you probably don’t care about it enough to get all worked up when it gets scratched. If you do then, well, you’ve only yourself to blame frankly. So there!

We’ve embedded one or two videos for you delectation right in this post, so make your own decision.

To sum up – look after your stuff, and it will stay nice. Treat it like a piece of trash and, oddly, it’ll get scratched, dinged and generally battered into submission.

The choice is very much yours.

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