Windows Live Messenger 2010 Screenshots

The successor to the current Wave 3 version of Windows Live Messenger has finally been unveiled. Neowin has got hold of exclusive screenshots which shows off the next version of Windows Live Messenger, that is going to be the part of Windows Live Wave 4 release. The most significant change in Windows Live Messenger 2010 is the added option for “social stream” updates, which is going to retrieve all your friends updates across various network activities like facebook, twitter and blog posts, that you have added in Windows Live.

Windows Live Messenger 2010

Another welcome change is the added support for tabbed conversations in chat window. This functionality was requested for years and it seems like Microsoft has finally listened to the feedback provided by users by building this into the client app.

Windows Live Messenger 2010

Most of the other features are still unknown and by the looks of the screenshots, UI still seems to be in the early stages of the development. This Messenger client along with other updates for the entire Windows Live Essentials suite is due for some time now. We can expect them to be out in the first half of 2010 as part of Wave 4 release of Windows Live at either Consumer Electronics Show in January, or at the MIX10 conference in March 2010.

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