This iPhone 5 Case Turns The Camera Flash Into A Bright Notification Light [VIDEO]

The notification system for those using an iPhone has improved a great deal over the past couple of years, something which has been helped greatly by software enhancements like Notification Center of iOS 5. However, there is always room for improvement, and while Research In Motion’s BlackBerry brand continues to slide, one feature of those old devices many users tend to miss is the notification light.

A subtle flicker to indicate a message is, in many situations, a lot more effective than vibrate, or an alert tone, or a combination of the two. If you keep your handset in a pocket, purse, or bag, the notification light allows you to quickly check whether you’ve a missed call or message without having to switch on your device’s display or interact with your smartphone at all.


The iPhone does allow you to utilize the LED flash light for this purpose, and while this is often enough, when a device is facing upward on a flat surface, that flicker cannot be seen, rendering the flickering light essentially useless.


In the innovative, Kickstarter culture we live in, there’s always an individual or a small group of knowledgeable folk looking to circumvent common caveats we face with our mobile devices, and despite not reaching their previous backing goal to bring their notification light case idea to the iPhone 4, the Sparx team are back with their inventive shell for the iPhone 5.

In essence, Sparx spreads the notification light using a specially adapted translucent window, so it can be seen not only from the back, but also the front, top, and side – ensuring you won’t miss that all important SMS, email or dropped call. Sparx’s current campaign is at $3000, with 48 days to go to reach its $50,000 target. Last time around, it could only muster $30,000 of a total $75,000, but by dropping the target, hopefully Sparx can get the backing and bring this very useful case to market.


If you wish to pledge any amount, please head over to the Sparx Kickstarter page and offer an amount. $35 buys you a preorder of the Sparx case in any color, although a fully clear model will set you back $50. All come with free shipping within the US.

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