The First Camouflaged Tesla Cybertruck Has Been Spotted

Tesla’s Cybertruck is always going to get attention because of how big and outlandish it is, so anyone who thought that wrapping it in camouflage would throw people off of its scent was probably kidding themselves. Still, that doesn’t appear to have stopped Tesla from doing it.

As Electrek reports, this is the first time that we’ve seen a Cybertruck with such a finish, with this one being spotted in a drive-through in California. But as the report notes, this is definitely out of character for Tesla.

Historically, Tesla hasn’t been much of a user of camouflage on prototypes. It is primarily due to Tesla’s approach of unveiling prototypes that stay fairly close to the production versions, while other automakers often unveil early prototypes that change a lot by the time they hit production.

That doesn’t mean that there hasn’t been anything like this, though. The Model 3 refresh has been seen with a similar wrap, but given how much the Cybertruck has already been seen it’s unclear exactly what Tesla is trying to hide.

Maybe that’s the magic of the camouflage — we can’t see whatever it is that Tesla’s hiding.

However, some have suggested that perhaps this is a sign that the version of the truck seen in California is actually the finished article. If that’s the case, we might finally be getting nearer the end of the Cybertruck saga.

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