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Fans of Microsoft’s Xbox Music Pass appear to be in luck, if they also plan on picking up one of the new Windows Phone 8 devices that will be hitting the streets shortly. The Windows Phone 8 hype is beginning to reach a whole new level of, well, hype. We’re not too far away from new smartphones packing Windows Phone 8 reaching stores, and we’re still learning new and somewhat interesting things about what features will and will not make their way into those handsets.

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On top of debuting one rumored product – SmartGlass – the company also dropped news of yet another pretty major service: Microsoft’s rumored “Woodstock” music streaming service is real, and it’s called Xbox Music. Announced by Yusuf Mehdi at the E3 stage, Xbox Music is a service that will be available not just on the console, but on Windows 8 and Windows Phone devices as well. Without delving into too many details, Microsoft did share that the service will offer 30 million tracks to boot. The Smart DJ service that is available on the current Zune service will also live on within Xbox Music. Again, not much details were revealed during the demo – or teaser, rather – or even now after the show, but all that could be seen is a Metro-styled music service that looks rather similar to the Zune.

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