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It was revealed at Microsoft’s BUILD developers conference earlier this year that the traditional Start menu would be making a re-appearance at some point in the near feature, and although Microsoft stopped short of offering specific details, a new leak gives as an insight into what we can expect of this feature once reinstated.

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Windows 8, it’s fair to say, did not make the kind of impression on users that Microsoft had hoped, and although the Windows 8.1 follow-up has been generally well received, it goes without mention that the preceding Windows 7 is considered by most to be the strongest release to date. It should come as very little surprise, then, that Windows 9 – or Windows 8.2 as we like to call it here – looks set to arrive next year in 2015, and according to a report by Paul Thurrott, we’ll be getting an official word on it at April’s BUILD 2014 dev conference.

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Concepts are a great way to envision what upcoming products might look like, while at the same time, tipping off the developing companies to what the user base would appreciate having. Just a couple of days back, we tipped our readers off to rumors pertaining to Windows 8.2, and what “Threshold” might mean for the end user. Taking cues from the same rumor base and building on it further, comes Andrew Ambrosino’s Windows 8.2 (or Windows 9) design concept, which basically highlights what could be improved with the next generation of Windows from the Redmond giant.

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