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MSDN and TechNet users can now officially download Windows 8.1 RTM bits. It’s fair to say that, as far as new Windows releases go, Windows 8 wasn’t the most well-received. With plenty of criticism from users bemused as to the extent of the changes, Microsoft has somewhat gone back to the drawing board, keeping some of the new implementations while also offering a little more familiarity to proceedings.

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Late last week, we heard through the grapevine that Windows 8.1 RTM had been finalized, and today, the process has begun. New devices and machines bundled with Windows 8.1 will become available from October 18th, with manufacturers now being issued with licenses to pre-install the software, everything appears to be running tidily to schedule.

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Windows 8.1 has spent the past few months being primed and prepared for its October 17th release date, and with build number 9600 now confirmed as the Release to manufacturing (RTM), the process of assembling Windows 8.1 for public consumption is all-but complete. In a week that has seen CEO Steve Ballmer announce his imminent retirement after 13 years at the helm, it’s critical that this transitional phase has only a positive effect on the Redmond company’s product range, and with Windows 8.1 now getting its RTM, the stage is set for a new wave of corresponding products.

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