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In this article we will be creating certain tabs in a tab control with context menu with an option to remove certain tab item.
First create a blank c# WPF application using visual studio 2008 and name the default grid as Master.
Right click on window and select view code,
Here we create a method to remove […]

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I think storing images in a database can save a developer loads of time and can ease his life while dealing with visuals, either creating a local application or a web application. Think of storing your images of a certain web application in a database instead in a directory exits somewhere in a cloud which […]

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Now you can explore Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007) with training from Microsoft experts by living at your desktop You can download a simple file which have grand tour of the latest features and changes in SharePoint, including automated workflows to track approval cycles, business dashboards showing how well you are performing on […]

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