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Roku has refreshed its line-up of set-top boxes today, where the Roku 3 and Roku 2 streaming devices have just been amped up with a new set of specs and features. This refresh has just put the Roku 3 right up there with the likes of the latest Amazon Fire TV with its voice search and controls. Head over the jump for further information on what has changed.

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Google’s Chromecast, which was announced and released without much fanfare last year, seems to have made a lasting impression on the streaming content / set-top box market. Since its arrival, competitors have been noticeably stepping up their games, and you only have to look at the increased range and variety of content on the Apple TV to see how wary companies are of the alternatives now on offer. Roku, the California-based maker of streaming entertainment devices, has responded to the popularity of the Chromecast with its own downscaled, cheap solution that, like Google’s effort, connects straight into your TV’s HDMI socket.

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