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Less than a month after releasing OS X Mountain Lion to the public via the Mac App Store, Apple has updated its desktop operating system bringing an array of minor bug fixes. Despite selling over two million copies in the first 48 hours alone, the very first iteration has had a couple of minor issues, as is nearly always the case with an initial release.

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It’s been nearly three weeks since Apple deemed their latest version of OS X to be ready for a prime time release on the Mac App Store, a decision that resulted in over three million Mac owners purchasing and downloading the cutting-edge operating system within the first twenty-four hours. The early indications seem to show that users were generally happy with what Mountain Lion brought to their Mac experience, but a few users have been reporting a detrimental effect on internal MacBook batteries.

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OS X Mountain Lion has been with us for long enough, and users can form their own opinions on Apple’s latest cutting edge operating system and certainly decide themselves if they feel it is an improvement over OS X Lion, or even the latest version of Snow Leopard if they refrained from upgrading to Lion. Judging by the fact that Mountain Lion notched up over three million downloads in twenty four hours and the Mac App Store is littered with positive reviews, it would seem that the majority have greeted OS X 10.8 with positivity.

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