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Rumors surrounding the successor to the Nexus S are heating up! A report from BGR claims that the superphone will be titled “Nexus Prime” and will release sometime near Thanksgiving this year. Two weeks back, Goncalo wrote on BGR’s earlier report on the next version of the Nexus series of smartphones. In that report, it […]

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If reports are to be believed, Google is working on yet another Android smartphone, successor to the current Nexus S. According to rumors, the new model will be one of the first LTE 4G AT&T smartphones and will include greatly enhanced hardware once it ships around Thanksgiving (that’s late November for our non-US friends).

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Is this lovely slab of glass Google’s next reference Android handset? If we are indeed looking at the 3rd Nexus phone, it would point to HTC being the manufacturer of choice once more after Google dropped the company it used for the Nexus One in favor of Samsung when it came time to bring the Nexus S into the world. But that isn’t the only note-worthy aspect of this leaked photo. Not by a long shot.

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