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The build-up to WWDC always sees a plethora of rumors and conjecture, and the 2012 event is no different. As it is often the case, a new version of iOS is very much the hotly anticipated product this year, what may or may not find its way into the first beta being disputed across the internet.

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Much discussion surrounding Apple’s ecosystem lately has been about them cutting the cord to the computer through iCloud. However, iTunes remains an important product that some may still need to use (or want to, if they haven’t gone entirely to the cloud). And, with that being said, 9to5Mac are hearing from some sources close to Apple that the company has begun seeding iTunes 11 – the next major release of the software – internally.

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It is being reported that the next version of iTunes – the most popular media player on Windows and Mac – will come with a completely overhauled user-interface as well as deep iCloud integration.

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