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In concluding their E3 2011 keynote, Microsoft reaffirmed fans that the Halo franchise wasn’t dead and showed off a short teaser of Halo 4. Master Chief, the Halo series’ protagonist was ordered to wake up and he navigated around some sort of destroyed space station. It was announced that the game will be released by the 2012 holiday season, and Microsoft has just confirmed earlier rumors that Halo 4 will be released on November 6th. And to commemorate the newest title in the infamous Halo franchise, the game will be featured tonight on Conan.

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The world wide web has been going Xbox – or more specifically – Halo 4 crazy today. With leaked images from the new Halo 4 game being shown earlier today, Microsoft and game makers 343 Industries have released a new preview video of the highly anticipated, yet extremely mysterious Halo 4 video game. The next release in the Halo franchise is tipped to hit our shelves sometime before the holiday season and will bring the iconic Master Chief back to the forefront of gaming, intended to launch the ‘Halo Reclaimer Trilogy’.

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Whenever people talk about console-based video gaming these days, it seems to be the Call Of Duty franchise that gets the most attention. Granted, the COD games grow in popularity with every release, and the Modern Warfare series has certainly become one of the most popular series of games around the globe, but that doesn’t stop die hard fans from craving some more game-time with one of video games’ most iconic heroes – The Master Chief.

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