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At last week’s I/O dev conference, Google made a whole host of announcements, among them a potentially Spotify-killing update to its Music service. Named “Google Play Music All Access,” the new streamer boasts an impressive catalog of tunes right off the bat, but as is typically the case for fledgling Google products, it remains available only to Android users at this moment in time. But, as is often the case in these circumstances, a workaround has been created for those on Apple’s iOS, so if you’re rocking an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and were looking for a peek at All Access Music, a recent update to the popular gMusic app will enable you to realize your dreams.

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Google’s Play Music app has just been updated over at the Play Store, and will now play nice on even more Google TV devices. As well as that, those running the much-lauded Jelly Bean (4.1) firmware will see rich notifications, rendering the update rather significant indeed.

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